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What Our Customers Have to Say
Angie Renee Barron
Henderson, Texas
I’ve been taking the CBD oil from Hempworx for a little over a week now and my pain levels have been minimal! No cramping, no muscle spasms, no tenderness! Been plagued for years with excruciating pain. I've also had no heartburn at all that I've had every day over 6 months. My energy levels have never been this good either. I don't feel dragged down as if I was covered in weights and not tired all the time. I had swelling in the right side of my abdomen that has went down too. My sleep has gotten way better and so has my anxiety and depression. Thank you for introducing me to this awesome product!
Jennifer Timm
Altoona, Iowa
In 2017 I was diagnosed with Sjorgrens, Lupus SLE, Cutaneous Lupus, Mixed connective tissue disease and Gastroparesis. Prescribed handfuls of medications, put on a liquid/purée diet and had to step down from my full-time management career. I felt like crap everyday (like having the flu and an awful hangover every single day, plus swelling every where) In December a friend got me on Hempworx CBD OIL. In one month was able to stop three of the meds, been able to go out to social events again, have more energy and overall just feeling better!
Tracey Topham Ball
Reeds Spring, Missouri
Been using the 500 for a short while now with some big success! The products have eased the pain in my back. Well that is CONSIDERABLY decreased now, along with good moods, no pain in my legs/feet and the blood pressure meds are G-O-N-E. No need for them any longer. Fabulous bonus! Ready to start sharing what it has done for me!
Sandi Woodard Hibbs
Ligonier, Indiana
I have a completely torn rotator cuff. I got my first bottle today, and took 5 drops, within about 10 minutes the pain decreased so much I was amazed. My arm hurt so bad I could not raise it up all the way or reach around my back. Now thanks to HempWorx I have very little pain and I can move and use my arm!
Quan Lani Belcher
Fort Saint John, B.C.
The reason I purchased Hempworx and the reason I am now selling it is because of my dog Toby. Toby is 18 years old and had severe allergies, arthritis in her elbow and degeneration in her discs in her lower back. She wasn’t jumping up on the couch and needed to be lifted up onto the bed. After finishing her second bottle she can now jump up on couch and bed, as well as seems to be more active. Every day she continues to be with me is a joy and we will continue with HempWorx until she is ready to go! In the meantime her quality of life is so much better.
Neal Kati
Huntsville, Alabama
I’ve had extremely high blood pressure since I was a teenager and I've been on medication and lost 10% of my kidney function and still have high blood pressure and then I've started taking the HempWorx oil and it is amazing. I'm off the blood pressure medication and it's lower than it's ever been even while I was on blood pressure medication! Not only that, I've actually been sleeping more than an hour at a time and I'm actually getting deep sleep and I use to have migraines 3-4 times a week and since I've been taking this CBD Oil I haven't had one!
William Byrd
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
For those of you wondering about CBD and bipolar - I was recently told my medicine of 20 years was causing early stages of Parkinson’s. This was in June of last year. I was then introduced to HempWorx right as I was told to get off the medicine. I’m now medicine free and taking CBD daily. Not only has it replaced my medicine, it also is helping with my new issues caused by the old medicine!
Cordelia Laney Ott
Leesville, Louisiana
This oil helped my husband so much. He started 2 months ago because I was tired of being kicked all night long with his restless leg syndrome and struggling with his anxiety and his sleep issues. I am happy to say that I no longer get kicked at night and he is down to half a pill for his anxiety and I can tell he is sleeping much better. We can now say good bye to restless leg syndrome!
Shelley Battistoni
Buckeye, Arizona
I’ve been taking Hempworx for approximately 10 days now. I needed this because my meds were just not cutting it anymore and I wanted to actually taper down on the dosage because it was making me feel weirder than I usual. Here's the most significant improvement since HempWorx. On day 3 I felt more clarity. I had started to sleep better because my mine was not racing in a million directions. Upon day 9, I popped out of bed with a list in my head of all the goals I needed to accomplish. I didn't drag out of bed as I had been for the last few years. I got up, got moving and got my stuff done. This is the first time in what seems like forever that I had motivation. Thank you HempWorx!
Brittany McMillan
Dallas, Texas
My Daughter Miley has Autism. Her doctor referred me to put her on CBDs. It took us forever to find the right one but when we found HempWorx it changed her life! She doesn’t have anxiety about being in crowds of people, loud noises don't seem to bother her anymore, she is able to sleep through the whole night, meltdowns are nonexistent, she is able to think clearly, and she can communicate what is on her mind without getting frustrated. The most amazing thing is that she's happy and not emotional about everything. She smiles and loves life!
Danielle Bragdon Schaffer
Santa Clarita, California
For 27 years I have had MS and been getting weaker and slower. Tonight I took my dog for a walk pain free and even jogged a bit with him (been years I have even thought about trying). Thank you so much Hempworx. I have tried many CBD products before and you are the best.
Quan Lesane
Dallas, Texas
I have been taking Zoran for 8 years now for nausea. Today I received my CBD oil from HempWorx and within seconds the nausea went away. I am so happy I can leave the chemicals and side effects alone because these products work!
Sue Smith Marihugh
Petoskey, Michigan
I put my 4-year-old grandson on HempWorx. What a difference! He has always been an angry little boy. Anytime he was told no or things did not go his way, he would throw things, stomp his feet, scream that he hates all of us, and slam the doors. After just one day of getting three drops in the morning and 3 at night he is pleasant, happy, you we are able to rationale with him now. I can't believe the difference! This is wonderful.
Angela Telfer Baker
Decatur, Illinois
Suffering from severe anxiety and panick attacks, I decided to try the oils. I’m pleased to say that I haven’t had an anxiety in a week. I believe it has leveled out my moods from bipolar and PTSD as well. I feel like a brand new normal person all over again. Im also looking forward to more life changes to come as my CBD oil keeps working for me. I have just started my mother and father on it as well.
Lindsay Joy Zweber
Saint Paul, Minnesota
We have a 10 year old chocolate lab with separation anxiety and joint pain. We started Zoey on the pet CBD oil drops about a month ago and she has done a complete 180! Before, we couldn’t even get her to pep up. Walking up the stairs was a challenge for her. Zoey hasn’t pranced or played much in at least a year. Even if she had an occasional burst of energy, it would only last seconds. Now she has energy, her coat looks great, her eyes are clearing up, her skin isn’t itchy, her hips and joints don’t seem to be in pain, and her fatty tumors even seem to be getting smaller. Her separation anxiety has never been better! This oil is no joke! So happy for my puppy!
Beth Tucker
Selma, Alabama
All I can say is WOW! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogrens, and occipital neuralgia (after a bad case of shingles). I am in severe pain most days and some days can barely walk. I started Hempworx 500 almost a month ago, 4 drops in the am & pm. Within a few days I had no problem getting out of bed in the mornings. My daily function is what it was 2 yrs ago! I'm starting to get my life back! I have been on opioids on and off for several years, this week I stopped taking them and am still doing great. I am a true believer in Hempworx!
World Class Leadership
Josh Lacy

Josh has 8 years experience in Network Marketing industry and struggled to hit ranks and build a sustainable business in previous ventures. That all changed when he joined MDC/Hempworx. With the leadership, tools, and a product that works, he’s been able to achieve the rank of 10K affiliate in his first 2 months and make a full time income from home by simply sharing our products with others.

Judy Stallings

Judy joined MDC/Hempworx in June 2017 and had no idea that her life was going to change forever. Judy has been in Network Marketing for about 7 years and was very excited about the potential in this business. When she first joined MDC/Hempworx, things just took off like wildfire for Judy. So many people were already researching these products for the amazing benefits they can provide. She is a huge believer in these products and what they have done for her both physically and financially. With MDC/HempWorx, she is living an anxiety and stress free life. Judy has achieved the rank of 500K affiliate and is excited for the future!

Kristen and Travis Butler

When Kristen and Travis found Hempworx, it changed everything. It gave them something they had not had in a long time. Hope and dreams. Hope of owning their own home again, being debt free, having the freedom of time. Dreams for their kids not starting life out in debt and building a legacy that would last for generations.

Through this journey, Kristen and Travis have been hope brokers for their team, built amazing friendships with people they would have never met. They have been able to give back and financially bless more lives and organizations than they ever thought possible. They paid off our credit cards and bought their son a car.

Kristen and Travis hit the rank of 100K affiliate in a short period of time, and they are excited for the future.

“We are very excited about what the future holds for anyone joining this company because we have already seen what it has done doing for us.”

Megan Shudark

In May 2017, Megan made the decision to join MDC/HempWorx after 8 unsuccessful years in network marketing, and countless companies. She could never find the right products coupled with the right compensation plan. After being in a rough financial situation with living off of food stamps and government assistance, she finally planted her flag in our company.

After sharing the products and developing her business, she was able to get off of government assistance, move out of her home, buy a car for her family, put food on the table, and complete simple tasks for her kids. Megan has achieved the rank of 100K affiliate and is a perfect example of a rags to riches story. Megan is excited about her new lifestyle and is excited for the future!

Carrie Lorentz

Carrie started as a customer, needing desperately to find relief for her fibromyalgia, chronic back and neck pain and daily fatigue. The CBD oil has tremendously helped her and now she’s helping others with similar issues. Carrie has been a top recruiter and now has true time freedom, earning a full time residual income all from home. Carrie is excited she can give her family so many things she never even dreamed was possible. Because of our products and business opportunity, Carrie has been able to achieve the rank of 50K affiliate in a short period of time.

“I am truly blessed to have found My Daily Choice and Hempworx when I did!”

Keith Francis Jr.

Keith first heard about MyDailyChoice's HempWorx product line 6 months ago, and there was just something different that made him want to know more. He hasn’t looked back since. It's hard to top being able to provide for your family by helping others, and doing something you really love. Keith believes that he has the best all natural health product he’s ever seen in 29 years. He’s excited to share it with the rest of the world.

Keith is most excited about “the ever growing number of customers” whose lives our products are making better, along with the people he has been able to help start a successful business from their home.

“Becoming an independent affiliate with MDC/HempWorx is one of the smartest decisions I've ever made.”

Jerry West

Jerry got involved with MDC/HempWorx and in a short period of time, he’s hit the rank of 100K affiliate. Jerry is now able to enjoy working full time from home while spending more time with his wife and two boys. He loves being able to set his own schedule and work remotely from anywhere he wants. Financially, MDC has been a blessing to his family as they now have many options they didn’t have before.

“Getting involved with MyDailyChoice was one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you MDC!”

David Gruning

When David discovered HempWorx in August 2017, he looked at it through the lens of a corporate networking executive and what he saw was an established debt free international 3 year old proven Networking Company. David saw that MDC had already worked out all the challenges of a newly launching networking opportunity.

Since then, David has been able to change his life completely. In 7 short months, he’s built an amazing team of well over 1,000 strong like-minded teammates and ranking up to 50K Executive earning a residual income with a generous car allowance and cash ranking bonuses which now allows him to build HempWorx full time.

“Truly amazing and we’re just getting started! Take it from a former Networking Executive – you are at the right Place at the right Time! Don’t make the mistake of missing this opportunity. Thank you HempWorx!”

Barb Miller

When Barb joined HempWorx, she was looking for a way to help her family and others improve their health. Little did she know how many people would be able to improve their lives with these amazing products! Her goal is to help others achieve the same success and financial freedom she has. Barb has earned the awards of Top Enroller, 250k Affiliate, and hopes to lead her team to their financial goals. Barb views her team as family, and is excited for what the future holds!

“Joining HempWorx was one of the best decisions, I’ve ever made.”

Karen Varnado

In 6 short months, Karen has achieved the rank of 50K Affiliate and the bonuses have been life-changing. Karen feels secure knowing she and her family will spend their retirement years traveling the world and living worry free!

“Not only do I sleep better and live pain free, I know that at my age of 58 years old, retirement looks a lot different than it did before HempWorx. Thank you MDC!”

Natalie Wood

Natalie has changed her life and the people around her. She has been able to introduce new people to the products and business opportunity who are feeling so much better and healthy every single day. Natalie believes this is a company everyone can feel good about.

“I have earned the rank of 50K Affiliate and I get a monthly car allowance. I can also pay all my bills without any stress. With this company, I’m able to HELP so many people live a better quality of life with a product that I truly believe in, because it WORKS!”

Sonia Line

Sonia joined MDC back in November 2014 as the first French and Canadian Affiliate. She always knew if she kept an open mind she would find the right people, opportunity and it would forever change her life. Sonia was introduced to MDC before they even launched and it was at this time that she first learned about the products.

Today, Sonia is now a 250k Affiliate and shooting for Super Affiliate. She not only has a big vision for her own future, but also believed in the founders vision, the open brand concept, the timing, and with the Hemp/Cannabis industry we just became a part of, this was meant to be!

Alicia Pesina

Alicia is an exceptional example of what happens when perseverance is no match for the shell of commonality. A simple “I can do it” personality is matched with a never-ending desire for self-improvement and self-growth. These key fundamentals have been the building blocks of her success as a leader and a natural born marketing professional. Humble roots and strong work ethic have helped her overcome hurdles in life that would hold common people back. Alicia is already a 100K Affiliate and her success in this business is only matched by the love she has for helping people.

“If you put your heart in it, believe in yourself, don’t let other people’s thoughts or words hold you back, you too can create your own destiny.”

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