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Welcome to Hempworx Global's site.

A Company You Can Call Home

Our People

We pride ourselves on hiring only the best talent in the Network Marketing industry. In fact, our hiring process involves at least four separate interviews assessing cultural fit, role expertise and career success. That's why our MDC corporate team boasts some of the most talented professionals in the industry!

Company Culture

Our culture is a reflection of our people. A strong team mentality drives our business and success. We believe if you love the people you work with you will bring passion, and integrity to every decision. We are driven, socially responsible, innovative and motivated to bring healthy products and services to families around the world.

MyDailyChoice Corporate Staff MyDailyChoice Team

Executive Leadership Team

  • Josh Zwagil

    Josh Zwagil

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Kathleen Earle

    Kathleen Earle

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Jory Russell

    Jory Russell

    Senior Vice President of International

  • Vivian Chung-Patterson

    Vivian Chung-Patterson

    Senior Vice President of Marketing

  • Chris Baum

    Chris Baum

    Vice President of Global Sales

  • Joel Theler

    Joel Theler

    Vice President of International Expansion

  • Derek Jorgensen

    Derek Jorgensen

    Vice President of Global Supply Chain

  • Lupe Guerrero

    Lupe Guerrero

    Director of Human Resources

  • Jason Isaac

    Jason Isaac

    Creative Marketing Director

  • Ben Lebeau

    Ben Lebeau

    Director of Customer Care

  • Karli Thomas

    Karli Thomas

    Director of Compliance

Founded by Affiliates, for Affiliates.

Leadership is undoubtedly what makes MyDailyChoice so unique. Josh and Jenna Zwagil didn’t begin their careers in the corporate world and then simply take the reins of a Network Marketing company. They both started out in the field as Affiliates, learning what it was like to build a network and a business. It’s that field experience that has enabled them to create such a unique opportunity.

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