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Learn how Daily Sprays bring together

the best in technology & wellness.


How it Works:
Micronized Spray Technology

Micronized Spray Technology
Daily Sprays are created with suspension and emulsion technology, which leads to a more homogenized, blended formula. This process helps to dramatically increase absorption.

A Simple & Efficient Micronized System
The micronized delivery systems on every Daily Spray are up to 9X more efficient than other delivery systems. How? Because the packaging of Daily Sprays is especially designed for stability. Each tamper-resistant container is nitrogen sealed to allow no oxygen and light in to touch the ingredients, and contains food-grade lining to prevent leaching. In other words, by the time it reaches your system, you can trust that you’re getting untouched Daily Spray ingredients.

An Ultrafine Mist for Easy, All Day Absorption
Daily Sprays spray 55 microliter droplets (essentially a pleasant mist) to deliver maximum nutrient dispersion and ingredient efficiency. This ultrafine mist provides a convenient way to deliver your daily supplements.


What Makes Daily Sprays
The Right Choice for You?

At Daily Sprays, we think you deserve better. That’s what makes our micronized delivery technology so exciting! The simple mist spray system delivers a concentrated dose of ingredients, quickly!


Spray any Daily Spray up to 8x per day, or 4x per day when paired with another Daily Spray.