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Financial Education & Credit Counseling Services

This Financial Coaching service will enhance consumers’ financial well-being and awareness by providing financial education products
and services designed for their specific needs. The key to successfully achieve this is to provide high quality counseling services through
a wide array of financial education programs, counseling and tools.

Our program provides consumers with personalized services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide access to counseling and
financial education through a variety of delivery methods including telephone, online tools and live chat sessions.
The following is an outline of the FREE services included with this program:
Credit Counseling &
Financial Planning Services

Free Consultations
  • Financial Assessment
    • A complete financial assessment includes review and analysis of your household income, expenses, assets and liabilities

Complete Credit and Debt Analysis
  • A credit counselor takes the time to thoroughly under stand and assess current credit and debt issues.

Credit & Debt Counseling by Certified Credit
  • Assist in creating a livable budget to balance income and expenses.
  • Provide specific advice on how to deal with creditors.
  • Offer money management and budgeting techniques to help gain control of finances.
  • Develop a comprehensive spending plan.
  • Create an action plan to become debt free.

Online Counseling Sessions
  • A unique opportunity to receive a personalized response to questions on subjects such as loans, budgeting, credit reporting, collections, dealing with debt, and much more.
Housing Advisory Services
  • Advice covering first time homeownership, affordable mortgages and refinancing.
  • Post purchase counseling.
  • Reverse mortgages – what are they and how do they work?
Online Tools & Articles
Access online articles designed to inform, assist,       educate and alert consumers in all areas of credit,
      money management and how to get help.
  • Online tools for budgeting.
  • Articles designed to help make smart financial decisions.
  • Articles designed to help with family financial and purchasing decisions.
  • Hotlinks to a wide variety of consumer resources on topics such as lending, credit reports, credit cards and vehicle purchasing and financing.
  • Easy-to-use online calculators to help get finances back on track. Calculators are available to help with budgeting, and vehicle and home financing.
  • Tests and quizzes to gain a better understanding of how to improve money management skills.
Money Choices
  • Five private self-paced courses, That teach the skills needed for smart money management.

The following is an outline of DISCOUNTED fee based services included with this program:
Available Services

Debt Management Programs (DMP)
  • Certified counselors act as impartial intermediaries to negotiate with creditors. Counselors assist in creating a program that helps eliminate debt, stops late fees, reduces interest rates and minimum payments, and establishes a reasonable repayment plan.
Educational Program
  • The Credit & Debt Education Packet provides information on how to take control and begin living debt free.
  • Debt Management Plan Reference Guide
  • Financial Freedom Reference Guide
  • Your Credit Report Reference Guide
  • The 1-Week Plan for Financial Freedom
  • Debt Management self study workbooks

Credit Report and Analysis
  • The MyScorePlus program is a confidential one-on-one session with a certified counselor. During the session, counselors:
  • Assess current credit standing
  • Help pin-point the reasons behind credit scores
  • Determine methods for improving credit scores.
  • Supply a single credit report (Experian), + Credit Xpert
  • Score (a numerical value added to credit reports that rates credit worthiness).
  • 30 day access to “What-if” analyzer (online tool designed to accurately determine what steps can be taken to directly impact credit scores).
  • Provide an “Understanding Your Credit Report” work book.
Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling Sessions:
  • Cover budgeting, wise money management and the advantages and consequences of filing bankruptcy.
  • Familiarize clients with the bankruptcy process and discuss financial options.
  • Issue certificate of completion allowing client to proceed with the bankruptcy filing process.
Pre-Discharge Bankruptcy Education
  • Education courses discuss:
  • Budgeting
  • Credit
  • Predatory Lending
  • Available community resources
  • The Credit & Debt Education Package workbooks

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