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The Hardest job in the world...
Just got a little easier!
At MyDailyChoice, we know that being a parent is a never ending and difficult task. Especially in today’s world, where social pressures, family issues and overscheduling have caused an incredible amount of STRESS upon our kids! Combine that with our children’s inability to recognize most forms of stress and to speak out! Bottom line…
Our Kids have become the silent victims when it comes to stress and anxiety.
So what can parents do to MINIMIZE the negative effects of today’s world on our kids and MAXIMIZE their QUALITY of life and performance?

Welcome to Brain Bears, the first and only DRUG FREE brain gummy bear for kids. Our Brain Bears provide essential nutrients in a gummy bear form that kids love to take. Each and every Brain Bear is made with care and lots of love.

Brain Bears were created so kids could get the brain nourishment they need, in a form that the kids loved to take and without any of the bad stuff or side effects. Because we made Brain Bears with our own kids in mind, we chose only the highest quality ingredients and the most effective forms of those key ingredients.
Brain Bears were Specifically
Designed to help:
Support and Enhance your child’s focus & concentration
Promote and Maintain your child’s energy level naturally
Promote better sleep & Enhance Memory Function for your child
Support and Promote a more relaxed & calm Brain
Healthy, Natural and DRUG FREE Alternative!
Give you the parent… PEACE OF MIND!
So what makes Brain Bears So different & effective?
The Science and Ingredients!
We are passionate about what goes into our Brain Bears as well as what must stay out. We carefully selected the purest, most nutritionally potent ingredients that are free of allergens, gluten, and dairy, with nothing artificial. Quite simply, Brain Bears were designed with ALL kids in mind. Especially kids with the most sensitive of allergies.

Brain Bears gets MAXIMUM

Packed with 8 of the World’s most powerful Brain Enhancing Ingredients

Brain Bears is the first product specifically designed and intricately formulated with the planet’s most effective and proven
ingredients that will promote and maximize your child’s brain health, performance, and happiness.

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Why do Moms Love
Brain Bears?

We only use the finest, well-researched, premium quality nutrients backed by proven science No negative side effects!
NO JUNK or Preservatives – No harmful artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives.
KIDS LOVE THEM! - You won’t have to worry about begging your kids to take them each day!
Trust Worthy – What is on the label is in the bottle. Our Bears are rigorously tested and meet the highest standards.
Premium Ingredients – We use only the highest quality ingredients to make sure ALL of the ingredients are absorbed by the body effortlessly, quickly and naturally.
Our Mission!

At Mydailychoice, we believe that every parent deserves an opportunity to help their child live a happy and healthy childhood. It is our commitment to help you do that for your child!

Are YOU up for letting us help you? If you’re ready to make sure that your child is living a happier and more balanced life, NOW is the time to make it happen… with BRAIN BEARS!